Our commitment to a greener future and the local community

Discover the award-winning sustainability measures we have implemented to protect the environment and how we support our team and the local community

At Intercorp Hospitality Group, we are proud to be offering modern and luxurious holiday accommodation in two destinations known for their breathtaking nature and incredible biodiversity: Ibiza and Tenerife. It is of utmost importance to us to protect our beautiful surroundings so that our guests, their families and friends can enjoy these special places for many generations to come. We are also dedicated to supporting our local community and giving back to the islands that have provided such a happy base to our family, business and team for over 30 years.

Last, but not least, we believe in providing a supportive and inspirational work environment that motivates our staff to do their best every day.

All of these elements come together to create an inviting, warm and relaxing environment that is enjoyable to everyone who visits our properties. From our guests to our team members and collaborators, it is our mission that everyone will leave with happy memories. Find out more about the measures we take to do so below.

02Social and environmental responsibility

and environmental responsibility

Our responsability

We are immensely proud that you have chosen us to help you create the holiday of your dreams. It is our mission to provide the best possible customer experience, outstanding service and welcoming ambience for our guests to enjoy. As part of this, we believe that it is important to offer a supportive and enjoyable

work environment for our team of long-standing staff members, give back to the local community and protect the precious nature surrounding our properties so it can be enjoyed for generations to come. Read on to find out more about our mission, the key values at the heart of our business, our vision and beliefs. Discover the history of Intercorp Hotel Group and how, with all these details coming together, we have established a reputation based on excellence and trust.

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