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Discover the cuisine of the Miramare Sunset Bar & Cocktail Restaurant when you stay at Intercorp Hotels


If you like traditional and homemade food, you’re lucky.  If you like to eat, have dinner or breakfast with an amazing views… Keep reading. In today’s post I want you to know the Miramare Sunset Restaurant. Why do I tell you about it? Because it is within the same área where Marina Palace and Marina Palace Prestige are. A unique place, which is frequented not only by people staying at Intercorp hotels but by outsiders, too.

Miramare Sunset is known for its traditional cuisine like burgers or rustic sandwiches. They have recently renewed their menu and you can find a wide range of pumpkin pure with turmeric and croutons, cucumber cold soup, yogurt and mint with crispy ham, or chicken breast confit to rosemary with tabule. Is not your mouth watering? Because I just want to go running to order my plate. Look at the photos, so you will know what I mean. Not only will the food seduce you, but you will be able to delight all your senses with incredible views. Also highlight your choice of meats. Hence their hamburgers are so famous. If you prefer pasta, there is also menu for you. Seafood spaghetti with shrimp and squid, noodles with vegetables and teriyaki and sesame sauce, or more traditional spaghetti bolognese with parmesan. Like the purest Italian style.

Live music show at Intercorp

Did you know that in Miramare Sunset there are also shows and performance? Flamenco’s Night, salsa, music from the eighties and cinema outdoors. There are many activities you can do before, during or after having your dinner. It’s an ideal place to go with children.

The flamenco nights are getting more expectation among the public. Querencia-Flamenco is the group that plays every Wednesday. For that day, the restaurant Miramare Sunset has prepared a special menu including paella, with salad and sangria for only 25 euros. You’ll go crazy! Isn’t it? The paella is a typical Spanish dish, specifically from Valencia. I am sure you were dreaming with this moment while you were preparing your holidays to Ibiza.

In another post I told you about all the activities Intercorp is preparing at Miramare Sunset Restaurant. Read this post to not miss any.

Where is Miramare Sunset Restaurante located?

Where is Miramare Sunset Bar & Cocktail Restaurant located? Very easy. If you are staying in one of the Intercorp, Marina Palace or Marina Palace Prestige hotels, you won’t have any problem because it is in the same location. C / Es Caló 106 San Antonio Bay, Ibiza.

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