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6 essential apps for a successful holiday

When I go on holidays, I usually don’t prepare much my trips. That doesn’t bother me much on my ski holidays in Megève, but Ibiza and Tenerife are wonderful islands with plenty of places to visit and I always want to make the most out of my holidays. Now that I’ve learned how to use six essential apps for holidays, I’ve realised that mobile phones, can be, in many cases, a very good ally when you go on holidays.

Apps allow you to prepare your journey before you leave but also help you manage yourself with more confidence during your stay. That way you can prevent things from going wrong. And if you’re about to say that you don’t have access to Internet during your holidays let me remind you that at INTERCORP Hotels, all public areas have Wi-Fi and many tourist sites also offer free Wi-Fi. And in my selection, several applications can be used without Internet connection.

#1. TripAdvisor
TripAdvisor not only offers other peoples opinions of hotels or restaurants. In its mobile app you can also download maps of wherever you’re going to, with attractions, restaurants and activities to do. And the good thing is you don’t need Internet access to use this information. It is certainly a very valuable resource if you want to always know where you are and where to go.

#2 Yelp
It is the ideal app if you want to find a good restaurant where to eat or where to have a coffee within walking distance from where you are. Based on your location it finds all the small businesses around you. You can see the ranking and recommendations of users who have already gone and the price range. Leaving very little room for error!

#3 Free Wifi finder
This application helps you find all the free Wi-Fi nearby you. They are located through a search engine or just by scanning the area to find those closest.

#4 Google Translate
Because when we are foreigners, many times, our biggest problem is not being able to communicate with the locals, Google translator does it for you. A text or phrase is introduced in the search engine and Google translates it and you can even translate voice messages.

#5 Maps.me
You’ll need this app if you rent or drive a car during your holiday. It works like Google Map, but the maps can be downloaded to use without Internet connexion. In addition, Maps.me provides more accurate maps, allowing you to go to less visited or faraway places.

#6 Postagram
This application is not essential, but you’re sure to love it. It lets you send real postcards from your mobile. You create your own postcard with the photo and the text you choose, then, the application sends the postcard to the person you’ve chosen, for less than 1 Euro. We really love the idea. Cheap, fun and practical!

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