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Valuable tips for your holidays in Megève

Hello travellers! I’m writing from my room at the Royal Rochebrune in Megève. My family and me have only a few days left before returning home. Therefore, I wanted to share some tips about France and French culture with you (unless you’re from here or have been here before), which I would have found very interesting before coming for the first time to Megève.

In order to fully enjoy any holiday and to not forget anything one should prepare in advance, specially if we go to a strange country. Here’s my choice of recommendations for a perfect holiday in the Haute-Savoie:

BONJOURAlways say “Bonjour!”

This applies to all France, of course. Apart from the hostelry business where everyone speaks English. For us, making a little effort, like greeting them with a “Bonjour!”, means we will be always answered with a smile and they might even try to speak a few words in Spanish or English.

It is also very important to know that “bonjour” is said throughout the day, either morning or afternoon. A “bon après-midi” equivalent to our “good afternoon”, means that you are saying goodbye, wishing wishing them a good afternoon. That said, the French in general are very polite, so a “Merci” or a “Au revoir” is always appropriate.

exterior_at_the_Royal_Rochebrune_Hotel_ClubPraise the place and the customs

All of us, no matter where we are from, love our country and love people to compliment our customs, our way of life, our landscapes and in France it is not different, so, compliment them for their wonderful cuisine, their beautiful landscapes, the good wine , how well they dress, and even the good football teams they have, if you really feel it is so, you can be sure that you will win their trust and sympathy just like they would do with you in your country.

Vino-calienteTry the mulled wine …

Those of you used to skiing in France will know that it is typical! On leaving the slopes, after a tiring day when you no longer feel your hands from being out at the cold all day long, ask for good mulled wine. Yes! … It might sound weird, but in the Alps, it is very common. It would be similar to the typical Sangria ( Spanish drink with wine and fruit), but hot, also with fruit, cinnamon and cloves. Wonderful for the blood to flow back into our bodies!

…. and eat a ‘Quiche Lorraine

quiche-lorrainte-thermomixThis dish is a classic of French cuisine. It is savoury pie made with cream, eggs, smoked bacon and cheese. The ideal solution to give give you energy for the next day. With a glass of red wine and a chunk of bread with blue cheese, you will truly feel at the heart of the Alps. A “fondue” would be another good option to fight the cold.

One more tip: Avoid overeating the weeks prior to your holiday. between the wine, the cheese appetizer, the bread, the main course, the pre-dessert cheese and the dessert … you will have reserves for several weeks. I can assure you!

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