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Intercorp Hotels against the oil search project, MEDSALT-2


From Intercorp Hotels Group we want to inform you of what is happening on the island these days, with great controversy and concern. We explain the project that they want to do in the area of Ibiza called MEDSALT-2 to find out why the Mediterranean dried up 5.5 million years ago and why we oppose it. For what up to 7 oil companies have shown their interest.

In 2014, the intention was to probe the seabed to search for oil and install platforms in case of finding bags with hydrocarbons in the surroundings of Ibiza and the Balearic Islands, a project endorsed by the Central Government and proposed by the company Cairn Energy. Finally thanks to thousands of people, this movement could be paralyzed.

In 2016 MEDSALT was already unsuccessful since they did not obtain the necessary authorization and modified the project for a new application. Application submitted this past month of April: a new project has been processed again, the MEDSALT-2. An acoustic marine survey was carried out on April 21 in the B.O.E, where the high-pressure compressed air guns were used to search for oil.

In Intercorp Hotels we strongly oppose this study because of its negative effect on our Balearic Sea and the environment between Ibiza, Mallorca and Formentera. If this study were to be carried out, it would negatively affect our environment. The technique called Airguns or previously cited as high pressure compressed air cannons, makes it impact disastrously on living beings. In addition, it has been scientifically proven that the marine fauna of the area would be considerably harmed including animals such as sperm whales, beaked whales, dolphins or turtles, birds, invertebrates, among many others besides “three marine reserves” that are not mentioned in the technical report, the natural parks of Ses Salines of Ibiza and Formentera and Cabrera, “which could be indirectly affected”.

We are fighting against this proposal of study that would harm the nature, the life of our island and would destroy a natural paradise like Ibiza, as well as the islands around it. We are currently collecting allegations supporting the platform Alianza Mar Blava, opposing this survey and therefore try to stop it before the relevant institutions before May 20, deadline to submit them. Next, you will find the link where you can download your allegation, as well as an expiation of how to do it and thus contribute your bit to this great cause: https://alianzamarblava.org/es/alegar-proyecto-medsalt-2/

In addition, in social networks we support the cause of Eivissa Diu No and the Alliance, so we suggest that you participate with the posters of this fight and a photo of the sea in the background of our environment, as well as its corresponding hashtags.

From Intercorp Hotels Group we say that:

“Unity is the strength, when there are a teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved”. Mattie Stepanek

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