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The ocean belongs to everyone: Intercorp Hotels supports the “The Ocean Cleanup” plastics cleaning initiative.


Surely you have planned to visit a city with sea or visit Ibiza or Tenerife with us, enjoying some wonderful beaches and some exquisite services that we offer you. But it would not be the same if all the beaches were full of plastic and dirt, something that if we do not manage to reduce it will happen soon. Much sooner than we think. For that reason, so that you can enjoy to the maximum of your stays and we can preserve the great flora, fauna and the environment itself; Intercorp Hotels supports the “The Ocean Cleanup” initiative.

This initiative comes from Boyan Slat. A young Dutchman who was enjoying his holidays in Greece, set out to dive and instead of finding fish under the sea, he found dozens of plastic products. He was so surprised by this event, that after studying several strategies for many years and having all the possible money, he formed this initiative: to clean the Pacific Ocean of all plastics and to preserve the environment.

The idea that Boyan thought, is to use a large floating barrier hanging on the coast of San Francisco and which will be responsible for collecting more than 5 tons of garbage and plastics per month. A very ambitious project that started on September 8th and that we hope from Intercorp Hotels works very well and we can preserve the environment. However, we believe that this project is a way to start the process of recovering the oceans but if we do not put our little grain of sand we will return to the same situation and we will even make it worse.

Intercorp Hotels encourages everyone to take care of the oceans, supports this initiative and we hope it will be very successful. This way we can offer you some extraordinary services, well-kept beaches and knowing that both in Tenerife and in Ibiza we are helping a little so that the environment is preserved.

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