Activities for children in Megève

The village of Megève is one of the most suitable places to spend a family holiday, located in an idyllic and perfect area so that Christmas is perfect in the environment in which it is located, in the very heart of the French Alps. This municipality in France has the Familie Plus label, which makes it an ideal destination to spend holidays with the family and especially with children, because of its great variety and activity options for the little ones. At Intercorp Hotels we recommend these perfect plans to enjoy with the little ones: Tour the town by carriage In the square of the center of Megève you will find several carriages with slender horses, ideal to walk around the town with them and know the most beautiful places. In addition, in the town square you can see the large Christmas tree that is installed during these dates. An... Read More

Megève, the perfect destination for families.

This small town located in France, about two hours from Lyon, has become an ideal place for family vacations during this autumn and winter season. If your idea is to enjoy a fantastic holiday in the mountains, enjoying the snow or dreamy landscapes; this is your ideal place. On the one hand, you can take advantage of your visit to this French village to learn about its rich cultural and architectural heritage from the Savoy culture itself. You can visit the Demi-Quartier Tower, the old house of the lords of Megève, the path to the Calvary of the Saint-Michel fountain or the church of San Juan Bautista. A great patrimonial wealth and of the zone, that will leave you surprised and it will wrap you in another world. On the other hand, one of the most important activities in this area is skiing. The Megève station has more than 445... Read More

The ocean belongs to everyone: Intercorp Hotels supports the “The Ocean Cleanup” plastics cleaning initiative.

Surely you have planned to visit a city with sea or visit Ibiza or Tenerife with us, enjoying some wonderful beaches and some exquisite services that we offer you. But it would not be the same if all the beaches were full of plastic and dirt, something that if we do not manage to reduce it will happen soon. Much sooner than we think. For that reason, so that you can enjoy to the maximum of your stays and we can preserve the great flora, fauna and the environment itself; Intercorp Hotels supports the “The Ocean Cleanup” initiative. This initiative comes from Boyan Slat. A young Dutchman who was enjoying his holidays in Greece, set out to dive and instead of finding fish under the sea, he found dozens of plastic products. He was so surprised by this event, that after studying several strategies for many years and having all... Read More

What to do in Tenerife in the month of October?

The island of Tenerife is one of the most visited attractions by tourists throughout the year. Especially the month of October is usually a much more than optimal month to visit this area, since the weather is very mild and very good days ago, besides there are not as many people as there may be in summer. A much more attractive option when traveling to this amazing and tourist place. From Intercorp Hotels we will inform you of all those that you will be able to carry out during this month on the island. An ideal month to visit a perfect place. If your idea is to visit Tenerife to go to the beach and sunbathe, the month of October is an ideal season to do this activity. The beaches are not very crowded and the weather is still good. You can lie on the sand to enjoy the sun... Read More

A weekend full of European sport in Ibiza

Throughout this week and especially the weekend of 20th and 21st of October, Ibiza is going to become the capital of European sport. There will be six European Championships of various modalities in several municipalities of the island, a different option for those who visit the place and stay at Intercorp Hotels. One of these events with more affluence of people will be the Ibiza Multideporte European Championship 2018, which will be held in Santa Eulària this friday October 19th. An event that will gather more than 2,700 participants from 29 different European countries. An opportunity to enjoy a very important sporting event and that will be a different way of knowing a fantastic place on the island. Today, wednesday 17th of October, you can enjoy one of the most important aquathlon European Championships in San Antonio. More than 400 participants will go to sea from the organization’s boat and... Read More
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